Friday, February 25, 2011

Swim School Instructor Suspected of Raping Teenage Student

Ok, just hours ago I posted the below story about the man who raped his friends two year old at Sea World when he had ten minutes alone wit her.

Now I open my local paper to read this story.  It confirms what I said, you can't really trust anyone, even around your teens.  This man is the owner of a swim school.

Does anyone out there have any ideas on how we can trust ANYONE near our children?  I think the only answer it to never allow a child to be alone with an adult....ever.

Todd Sousa

Todd Sousa, 36, was arrested Thursday at J. Serra Catholic High School, where he was coaching.

According to reports Sousa, founder and executive director of Swim Venture, admitted to having sex with the young girl during police questioning.

Officials believe there could be more victims.

"He certainly violated a position of trust," Amormino said. 
"These parents trust this man with their young children."

you can read the rest of the story here.

Another Example of Never Leaving Your Child With Someone You Don't Trust 100%

Michael Grzybowicz
Michael Grzybowicz

Man raped Toddler at Sea World, Orlando

Its a very sad story made even sadder because it happens so often.  A woman, her 2 year old daughter, and her boyfriend, along with another male "friend" are at Sea World.  The mom and boyfriend go on one of the rides and leave the "friend" watching the little girl.  The man molests the little girl in the ten minutes he's alone with her and takes pictures of the incident with his cell phone.

I don't know how well the mother knew this guy, but I'm sure she felt safe leaving him to watch the baby in a very public place for a very short time.

How can we know who to trust and who not to trust?  If I had to go through parenthood again with a young child, I would choose to trust no one but my family and closest friends.  Its very sad that our children are so vulnerable but they are....

...teachers, day care workers, coaches, babysitters, neighbors, clergymen, doctors, nurses, relatives...

Sad, sad, sad.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cop Rapes Woman

This entire article was taken directly from True Crime Report.

All I can add is these two are getting paid while on administrative leave while so many of us struggle to find jobs.   Hopefully the trial will find them GUILTY because they are!  He ADMITS it!

Ken Moreno_opt.jpg
Kenneth Moreno
Apparently Kenneth Moreno figured his victim's privates were self-serve and helped himself. He even upheld the protect part of the cop charter by wearing a condom, as he screwed the mostly unconscious New York woman in December 2008 while his partner, Franklin Mata, waited in the living room. 

Moreno and Mata first encountered the very inebriated fashion executive after she threw up in a cab her friends had called for her. She was leaving the Park Slope club Southpaw, and the cabbie called 911 saying his passenger needed help getting into her apartment. Mata and Moreno responded to the call at 1 a.m. and helped the woman into her bathroom where she continued to vomit. The 43-year old Moreno and his 28-year old partner promised to check back in on her. 

Franklin Mata
They returned an hour later, when they were let in by another resident after claiming to investigate a noise complaint. They'd been there about 15 minutes when they were forced to leave to handle a traffic accident. After taking care of the accident one of them allegedly called 911 from a pay phone near the accident saying a homeless man was lurking near the woman's Brooklyn apartment, giving them a pretext to return to her apartment. They arrived at 3 a.m. according to closed-circuit video from a nearby bar. Having noticed the cameras this final visit, they would try to hide their faces on their way out. (Shame can do that to you.)

While inside Moreno moved the woman from the bathroom floor to her bedroom and undressed her. He had sex with the woman while she was passed out on her stomach. That morning the victim complained to friends the cops had raped her and was taken to the hospital. The District Attorney's office became involved and put a wire on the woman. She confronted the officer that day, and got him to admit to his transgression. 

After initially denying raping her, Moreno admits, " "It wasn't done intentionally. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just got caught up." He tells her he wore a condom, and because he puts the men in mensch, threw her a bone (instead of jamming it in her). "If you stop drinking, I'll be your boyfriend," he offered. "I'm not a bad man. I'm a good friend to have." Yeah, that's exactly what a rape victim's looking for -- a commitment from her assailant. That's as welcome as Mel Gibson at temple. 

Moreno and Mata go on trial next week for rape, burglary and official misconduct. If convicted, Moreno could be imprisoned for up to 25 years. The two have been idled on paid administrative leave the last two years, collecting over a quarter of a million dollars (Moreno $150,000 and Mata $100,000). Good work if you can get it. I suppose it wouldn't be fair to ask for the money back if they're found guilty...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kobe Bryant Makes me Sick

I hate basketball season because I have to see the arrogant, smug face of Kobe Bryant plastered all over the media.  He's running around a court hanging of the hoops making millions when he should be in jail serving his term for rape.

Many people will disagree with me on this...obviously, since he's seen as some sort of god by Laker's fans.  But I know the truth and so does Kobe. He knows he got away with it, he also knows what happened behind the scenes in the civil case that he LOST.

One of my closest friends knows the victim and her family.  He knows what kind of girl she was, a typical 19 year old.  And typical 19 year olds have sex with boys/men, and a typical 19 year old would have a hard time turning down a young handsome rich, famous, celebrity.

What started out mutually did not end that way.  When he forced her, with his hands around her neck to bend over a chair so he could have sex with her in that position, she said NO!  STOP!  But not only did he not stop, when he was almost done he forced her to turn around so he could ejaculate in her face.   THAT is called RAPE - forcing yourself on someone who doesn't want you, not to mention degradation.

There was physical evidence against Kobe, including her blood on his shirt and vaginal trauma, but as is typical in many rape cases, they put the victim on trial and tried to make her look bad, like she agreed to it.

And because this poor girl refused to take the stand, they dropped the case.  Reading some of what this young lady would have had to say IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD was so degrading and humiliating, of course she did not want to testify and have everyone in her life, plus everyone watching the trial, hear what she endured.

He got away with it.  He continues his life of fame and fortune bouncing his little balls around on the court.....while her memory of that night will never leave her.  She will never stop being "the girl who accused Kobe of rape".

Well, I know she was telling the truth and I hope that someday, somehow Kobe has to pay for it.  I can think of an appropriate punishment but I will keep that thought to myself.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Swiss social worker admits to 114 sexual assaults on the disabled

This is particularly disturbing. My question is how come no one noticed in all these years?

February 01, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

A social worker in Switzerland has confessed to sexually assaulting more than 100 disabled children and adults, authorities said Tuesday.

The 54-year-old man, who was not identified, said the assaults took place over a 28-year span in nine institutions where he worked as a therapist.

The rest of the article can be found here:  CNN