Monday, July 12, 2010

Missing Girl Found - Perv Arrested

Dave Egert

Several things come to mind when I look at this guys picture, but the main one is: why would a 13 year old be attracted to this creepy looking old guy?  I don't know if she went with him willingly or not - or if he used his real photo when having sexual contact with her online.

Its very sad that the Internet has become a hunting grounds for pedophiles and perverts.

PARENTS!  Please keep an eye on what your children are doing online.  Never assume your child "would never do such a thing".  Invest $100 in some software that will allow you to see everything your child does online without them being able to know you are spying checking up on them.

Is this an invasion of privacy?  Well lets put it this way, when I suspected my son of using drugs, installed this software and found out that he was using heroin...I didn't give a shit about his privacy I wanted to save his LIFE.  I would do the same if I had a daughter.  I rather have her pissed off at me than to lose her to an online predator.

Here is the story that goes with the photo above. (source:  OC Register)

Here is the software I used, it was recommended by my local police department:

Spectro Pro

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Michelle Sigona has a post about this on her site.  Check it out HERE.  I hope that they find this guy and put him away forever.  How many more girls must die?
I am still very curious about Morgan's situation and how she met up with her murderer.  Its a very sad reminder that women are often not safe when we are alone.