Monday, July 25, 2011

Jason Marian Sex Offender in Mission Viejo

Jason Marian could be released in five months because his sentence was ONLY 2 years and 8 months.  Nice, another predator on the loose in Orange County.  Why do non-violent drug offenders who have done no harm to anyone (but themselves) get more time behind bars than scum like this dude?  I'm really angry and fed up (as usual) about how lenient we are with sexual predators and then act surprised when they strike again.

This guy is the dance instructor that lured his 12 - 14 year old students into his bathroom to change out of their bathing suits and was able to film them with a hidden camera.  He also coerced a 16 year girl (got her drunk) to have sex with him.

04/14/2007311.11(a) PCFPossess / control child pornographyNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
2004/14/2007311.4(c) PCFUse underage person for obscene matterNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
3004/14/2007311.4(c) PCFUse underage person for obscene matterNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
4004/14/2007311.4(c) PCFUse underage person for obscene matterNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
5004/01/2006647(k)(2) PCMInvade the privacy of anotherNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
6004/14/2007311.4(c) PCFUse underage person for obscene matterNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
7001/24/2006311.4(c) PCFUse underage person for obscene matterNOT GUILTY05/29/2009
8001/24/2006289(h) PCFSexual penetration by foreign object; victim under 18NOT GUILTY05/29/2009
9001/24/2006289(h) PCFSexual penetration by foreign object; victim under 18NOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
10001/24/2006288a(b)(1) PCFOral copulation of person under 18 yearsNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010
11001/24/2006288a(b)(1) PCFOral copulation of person under 18 yearsNOT GUILTY05/29/2009Found Guilty by Jury04/30/2010

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A young boy that never recovered from rape....

For some reason, sexual abuse against males of any age is not talked about as openly as abuse against female victims.  Last year Oprah did a phenomenal show on the topic where hundreds of men showed up in her audience with photos of themselves at the age they were raped or molested, many shared how it affected their lives.  Its the kind of thing that, unfortunately, we need to teach our children about and watch for constantly (how sad is that?)

Earlier this year Bill Zeller (above) ended his own life.  He shared why in this agonizing suicide letter.  He was never able to move beyond what he refers to as "the darkness" (being raped starting at age 7).

Reading his letter broke my heart.  How many others are out there carrying their secrets and suffering in silence?  How many believe death is the only option to escape the pain?  How many want a healthy loving relationship and children but are unable to fulfill that dream due to their inner demons?  All because evil sick people roam free, seeking out their prey: children.

Children who are afraid to tell anyone continue to live abused and are ripped apart physically and emotionally.  It has to end!!!!  But how?  How can we stop it when we don't even know half the time that its happening?

This reminds me of one of the most chilling things I ever heard.  It was during a segment on child sexual abuse in the SAVA* Training I received.  Two police officers came to speak with us.  They drilled home the point that a HUGE PERCENTAGE of sexual abuse to children was perpetrated by people that were close to them.

Then the played it....a recording they did in a sting operation when a young boy finally told his mother that on his weekends at dad's house, bad things were happening.  The officers wanted to nail this dude so they decided that getting a taped confession was the way to go.  They coached the little boy and then had him call his dad.

I heard him telling his dad he didn't want to come to his house anymore, (this is the abbreviated version of their conversation) and when the dad asked why the little boy said "because I don't want you putting your penis inside me anymore".  I think everyone in the class had a strong reaction to hearing that - one woman cried, many gasped.  I felt like throwing up and then beating the crap out of this monster.  Anyhow - the dad admitted on the phone that he had indeed been raping his own young son.  That little boy was brave and did the right thing, he had to turn against his dad, (who called him Buddy and seemed like a normal dad on the surface) and send him to jail.  Most little kids are threatened or somehow convinced that what they are doing is a special secret in order for them not to tell anyone.

Its enough to make you want castration to be the first thing we do to sexual deviants rather than throw an ankle bracelet on them and hope for the best.  Sigh.  Things have to change.

Teach your children, protect them, watch for any signs that something is wrong, because there very well could be.

*Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Women Don't Report Rape

This is an excellent article, although very disturbing because of the statistics:

According to Department of Justice figures compiled by RAINN, six out of 10 assaults are never reported to police. "Of the 40 percent that are reported, roughly half will never will never lead to an arrest — and of the cases remaining, many of those won’t lead to prosecution," Berkowitz said.
"So when you boil it down, 15 out of 16 attackers will never spend a day in prison," he says.

 When Kristen Bakalar was pulled into a wooded area by a stranger and raped, three weeks after beginning college, she didn’t think twice about reporting it.
It was only on the witness stand, as the 18-year-old was being quizzed about her sex life and about the precise color and length of her pubic hair, that she fully realized just how brutal the experience of bringing her rapist to justice would be.
Bakalar, now 30, doesn’t pretend to know what happened between former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the hotel maid accusing him of attempted rape. But she does know what it’s like to be the accuser in a rape investigation. And she fears that the messy, high-profile case, with its public glare on past faults of the accuser, will have a chilling effect on women reporting rapes.
"I can see victims out there contemplating coming forward, and saying, ’What’s the point?’" says Bakalar, whose attacker is serving a 20-year sentence for the rape. "If they’re on the fence, and they see this, instead of taking a step forward they might take a step back."

I highly recommend reading the entire article.

"Some Fear Chilling Effect on Women Reporting Rapes"