Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dr. Earl Bradley Molested 103 Kids: Just Execute Him

 I'm sorry, but this guy would NOT want me on the jury that convicts him of hundreds of cases of abuse.  A Pedophile Pediatrician.  Does it get any lower?

Hanging or the electric chair may be too kind.  Maybe he needs to be be sexually tortured by someone ten times his size to see how it feels.  These were little kids - TWO YEAR OLDS.  He filmed himself.

There is no running and hiding - you will pay for this.

I JUST HEARD THAT SEVERAL PARENTS WENT TO THE AUTHORITIES AND A JUDGE DISMISSED THIS?  He needs to be disbarred immediately and forced to watch the videotapes of the abuse every day for the rest of his sorry life.

Its tragic that no one questioned this evil predator sooner.

The biggest red flag to me:  He wanted to see the kids privately.  What doctor does that with a young child?  What parent does not stay with their young child during an exam?  Is that even allowed?  I remember being in the room with my son up till he was 16 YEARS OLD!!!  I had questions about my son's health and wanted to hear it from the doctor.

Never trust ANYONE with your kids.  I am not blaming these parents!! I can't imagine how they may be blaming themselves right now and dealing with the horror of knowing or wondering that their precious child was sexually abused by this sick man.  I do hope others learn from this.

I think there needs to be a deep investigation into this case.  Why was it not stopped sooner?  Others must have known.  What about his nurses and office staff?  They should be checked out.  Did they know????

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Myspace Rape

An Anaheim man has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old Santa Ana girl he met on MySpace.

Anaheim police arrested Matthew Martinez Casteneda, 33, around midnight Friday, according to a police news release.

Rest of story here:

Man accused of raping girl he met on MySpace

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Child Pageant TV Shows - A Pedophile's Heaven" by Stacy Dittrich

Ran across this article and could not agree with Stacy more.  I saw the mother of one of these pageant children on a talk show recently defending her reasons for putting her child in pageants beginning at the age of 8 MONTHS.  Yes, months!  She said it was to help her later in life not be fearful to be in front of groups and used giving a book report in Jr. High as an example.  I turned the TV channel.  I couldn't take it.

Man Arrested for 10 Year Old Rape Case after a Chase

Ignacio Piceno

I love how DNA is able to catch and convict criminals years after the fact.  This guy sounds very dangerous and will be locked up for a long time.  Story here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oprah Show on Child Molesters

Oprah is talking with four child molesters today.  Its hard to listen to the graphic (i.e. disgusting) descriptions of what these men did to young girls, but so important for parents of young children to hear.

The four men on the show all agreed that they looked for a certain type of victim:  one that trusted them and that would not tell on them.  They charm the victim, they "groom" them and gain their trust.

They were manipulative in seducing the girls (as young as age 5).  They started by doing simple things like back rubs, etc.  As one molester said "I primed her by listening to her, then listen ting to her with my hand on her shoulder, then cuddling and listening to her."

A lot of times the victim feels its her fault because it feels good - and they think its their fault.  They let it go on for years because its so shameful to tell anyone what's going on.

I know a woman who's mother died when she was nine.  Her father started having sex with her soon after that up until she was 16 years old.  She never told anyone until years later.

A lot of times the victims come from families where they are not well taken care of in the first place, those parents.  This makes them candidates for molesters because they are starved for attention and/or affection.  Some of the victims are angry with their parents because they feel neglected.

90% of molesters 
are family or friends of the victim

We teach our children to watch out for strangers....but WE need to be able be watching out for people that pay attention to who is paying attention to our kids!  Girls AND boys.

"Be on the alert.  You don't have to mistrust everyone, but open your eyes and look around."

The damage it causes:

Molester:  "I killed who she could have been."

So true.

You can check out the entire episode here.

And please check out this EXCELLENT RESOURCE on preventing the sexual abuse of children, Stop It Now.