Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Girl Just Slapped all True Rape Victims Across the Face

Yesterday the media shared a story about five guys who gang raped a girl.  Then she says, "Um, I lied, it was consensual".  Does she have any idea how this affects women who have really been raped?  I am too pissed off to even go there right now...there is something wrong with this young woman and she needs to be evaluated and possibly punished.

Also SHAME ON THE POLICE DEPT. involved in this case - how dare them parade the accused men around on the media with no concrete evidence!  This is wrong for two reasons:

1) Obviously its had a negative affect on these guys and made them victims

2) IF this was a real rape they may not have followed protocol and the case could have been thrown out

I may rant on this more later, but for now, I just had to get this out.

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Anonymous said...

i completely agree with you on this. I was raped and sexually abused for 4 years as a child and i cannot believe this! this is just completely.....i can't even describe how much this angers me!