Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What About Craig's List?

I've written about the sad story of Donna Jou, a young woman from this area (Rancho Santa Margarita) who died of a drug overdose the night she agreed to go party with a guy she met over Craig's List. (turned out he was a sexual predator, which is why I wrote about this here).

Of course we have all heard about Philip Markoff, the guy who killed a prostitute he met on Craig's list and robbed several others.

I have used Craig's list myself to try to sell something and to look for something I needed to buy. BUT - even doing that gives me a creepy feeling because I know that I am on a site (unlike eBay) that is directly associates with ads for all sorts of nasty horrible things. That to me says: DANGER.

I am not judging anyone for using it as a place to find sex or whatever, I'm just saying it gives me the creeps. I you could take all the ads in Craig's list and put them in a room as real people, its a room I would not want to step foot in. Even if there is only one creepy person per every thousand nice people - that's still one too many creeps for me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Dirtbag Off to Prison

Darren Scott Hulbert

OH good, this guy gets 90 years to life for molesting ten year olds. That sounds about right.

Rest of the story here.

Pastor Caught with Child Porn

I think pastors are in the lead in Orange County for being the worse offenders out of all public "jobs".

Story here.