Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Greg Haidl Verdict Still: GUILTY

Thankfully the judge's in this appeal made the right decision.  I don't think my blood pressure could have handled it if they would have let these monsters walk away.

The defense in this case tried the classic move:  blaming the victim.  They wanted to discredit the victim by using her prior sexual activity in  in order to obtain a not guilty verdict for these three sadistic rapists.  I wonder if they would make the same argument if "Jane Doe" was their own daughter.  I think not.


Anna said...

The details of this case made me sick. Burning an unconcious woman's genitalia with a lit cigarette......

And someone thought it made a difference if she was promiscuous or a drug user.

Even promiscuous drug users do not want their genitalia burned and videotaped while the woman is being laughed at and degraded.

Bar L. said...

Anna, you're so right. This case had me at a level of anger I rarely reach. They found these guys innocent the first time they tried them???????? People here in my area found this behavior excusable? I was livid. Thankfully the case was retried. I will be there protesting if they try to let them out early.