Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of the Top Ten Most Wanted in Orange Cournty - Captured

Thanks to DNA, Ali Achekzai, was caught all the way over in Austria on three rape charges that occurred here in Orange County. He also raped a woman over there, and undoubtedly has a long history of sexual crimes. I hope that if there are other victims, they feel safe to come forward.

Here is a link to a video on the arrest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mission Viejo Man Arrested for Child Molestation

Johnny Hayes

Disturbing story.  I read about it both on the OC Register and a blog called Mission Viejo Dispatch and got  information from each one:

A 39-year-old Mission Viejo resident was charged with sexually molesting his daughter’s friend during a weekend sleep-over.  The two girls were softball teammates. (MVD)

Investigators believe that Haynes, a 39-year-old man who had been volunteering at the high school for at least a year, had one of the female players over at his home last week. Haynes is alleged to have touched the girl inappropriately, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. (OCR)
Another victim in this, whether this guy is found guilty or not, is his daughter.  How would you like to go back to school and face your classmates and your teammates when your father has been arrested for molesting one of your friends?

Once again, we need to find a way to be sure that anyone who volunteers to work around children/teens has pure intentions.  How do we find that out?  I don't know, background checks don't always reveal the sinister motives for someone wanting to "help out the high school girl's softball team..." unless of course, they have a previous conviction.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Many Teens Sexually Exploited by Bosses

Just the other day I was talking with one of my son's female friends.  She's 19 and has held three jobs over the last three years.  She told me she had to quit two of those jobs due to sexual advances made by her bosses!  One kept trying to touch her and made sexual suggestions the other said very perverted things to her and tried to corner her several times.

I asked her why she didn't file charges, she said the first time (when she was 16) she really didn't know any better, she thought it was an isolated incident that would never happen again, quitting seemed like the easiest way to put it behind her.

In the next case she really needed the job so put up with it for awhile and then threatened the guy that her father and boyfriend both knew what he was doing (a lie) and were going to beat the crap out of him if he did it again.  Not a mature response but, again, she was a teen and didn't want a "hassle".

It's been going on for years and women (or men) that are harassed like this need to speak up.  I admit, when in my early 20's my boss hired me because of my looks *(he admitted this) and then continued to pursue me and threaten to fire me if I did not perform sexual acts - and I walked away!  I was too embarrassed to tell anyone that I was dumb enough to let this guy hire me, I felt like it was "my fault" because he thought I was "one of those girls" that would do such a thing.  (So common for someone who's been sexually abused in the past to blame themselves).

Here is an article that states this problem is widespread.  I congratulate any young women/men who are brave enough to speak out and face the public with their story:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Human Trafficing Awareness

Michelle Simonsen has an excellent article on her blog on this subject.  This is happening all over the world...including right here in the United States.  A massage parlor in neiboring city was recently shut down for prostituion and it was discovered that the girls working there were victims of human trafficing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Especially Vulnerable Victim

Some of you know that my focus has been mostly on drug addiction (specifically heroin) and that I am chronicling my son's recovery this blog.  I follow 40 blogs that are written by other parents of addicts, addicts and people who inform others on the tragedy of our current heroin/opitate epidemic.

One of my favorite blogs on the topic is called Recovery Helpdesk.  Today there was a post about a girl (16) was raped by her drug dealer while her father sat outside in the car waiting for her.  (See link for story).

This sad story reminds me that addicts put themselves at more risk for being the victim of any type of crime there is because of their lifestyle and mindset.  A heroin addict lives for one thing:  more heroin.  You need a certain amount per day to keep yourself from getting violently ill. 

Sometimes addicts (male and female) resort to prostitution or trading sexual favors for drugs.  This teenage girl's father was outside in the car while this happened to her - clueless to that he had just dropped his daughter off to pick up some drugs. 

I share this because I know from experience there is still a stereotype from years ago of what a "heroin addict" looks like.  That stereotype needs to wiped away because in today's teen culture, heroin is commonplace.  The frightening thing is - these kids aren't afraid of it like we were.  They may hear that you can get addicted after one use, but you know what the mentality is at that age:

"It will never happen to me."

I wonder, if it were availalbe so readily in the 70's how many of my friends would have tried it, become addicted and be dead or living on the streets today.  Most of us partied on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine with an occasional "downer", "upper" or hallucinagen (LSD).  But things have changed.

Yesterdays pothead is today's heroin or Oxy addict.  The jails are loaded with them.  Nice kids, the kind you may know from your neigborhood, your church, your kid's school.  Or maybe you even have one living under your roof and have no idea, like I did.

I've learned more about drug addiction and heroin in the last year and I urge you to keep an eye on any teens you know, ages 13 and up.  Awareness is the first step in prevention.  If I knew in October 2008 what I know today, perhaps my son would not be living in a drug rehab today wondering if his best friend is going to make it or not (he's on life support after an OD on Friday night).

Its a serioius problem.  If you are a parent don't say what I did:

"It will never happen to my kid"

(sound familiar?)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Are You Dating a Sex Offender?

Last June I wrote a post titled "When Will We Stop Allowing Sex Predators to Murder Little Girls" and included photos of 8 girls that had been killed over the last several years.

It's happened again, to this precious 11 year old girl, Sarah Haley Foxwell.

And guess who did it?

Her aunt's convicted sex offender boyfriend.

Yep, I am infuriated once again.  Another woman who is responsible for young children allows her boyfriend access to them without bothering to check their background.  Her body was found on Christmas Day.

I hate to sound like an alarmist, but don't you think its better to spend two minutes online checking someone out and most likely discovering that they are NOT listed, than it is to risk the safety and well being of children in your care?  Sex offenders look for women that have children, women that seem trusting and vulnerable.  None of us should be trusting or vulnerable when it comes to protecting children.

If you start dating a new guy, you want to know all about him.  If he has something to hide - he will hide it!   Why not take two minutes to CHECK THE FRIGGING SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY!  Chances are your guy is not on it - but what if he is?????

I always do and look what I found out:

The men I met were not there, but look who was:

My son's Sunday School Teacher!  He was a convicted of
Offense Code

Sex offenders are let out of jail to run free and do whatever they want.  Because of a lack of probation/parole officers they are not checked on frequently (maybe a few times per year at most) and therefore can get away with MURDER.

Since nothing in our justice system is going to change any time soon (hopefully I am wrong about that) then as parents or concerned citizens we need to do what we can do to keep children and women safe.

I ask you this:  Have you checked your neighborhood?  Your city?  Do you know if the guy that lives two doors down with the pretty wife and cute little boys is a convicted rapist that got out cause it was his "first conviction"?  If need to look!

Most men are GOOD people, but its important to weed out the one's who aren't.
Female sex offenders are rare, but they are out there too, 
found one of those in my town also.