Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why the hell don't people see the signs?

Thomas Cole

Once again a local high school coach has been arrested for sexual misconduct with students. At the risk of getting hate mail (although no one reads this anymore) I am going to lay it out bluntly rather than dancing around the facts in an attempt to appear SENSITIVE or politically correct or FAIR. In some situations fairness is just not called for.

Here are the FACTS:

Sexual predators and pedophiles have a profile. Just like serial killers or certain types of criminals, these people usually share several similar traits. By being aware of these things we can protect our children. Why the HELL don't we investigate people who have the specific traits and characteristics of these people? Because....it would be discriminating against them.

Ok. I say SO WHAT? If you had nothing to hide would you mind someone checking into your background? (I know, many of us would....I would to, but hear me out).

First of all, when a SINGLE male chooses to coach children/teens (male or female) its a yellow flag, add the fact that this guy is in his late 20's or older and LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS and the flag becomes bright red. Those are just two things on the list but 99.9% of the time predators are single and live with their parents and are "loners".

I hate saying this, I really do, because I know some young single guys that truly want to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, and its not fair that they should fall under suspect of such a heinous offense....but it may catch some predators before they strike.

Once again - parents, warn your kids. Don't scare them, just warn them. I know what we think, my parents thought it too "nothing will happen to my child, we live in a safe area, I know my neighbors, I know my kid's teachers and coaches and the priest at church and ....... "

You get the idea. Do you REALLY know? Its better to be suspicious than sorry.