Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bill O'Reilly is an Asshole

Sorry for the title of this post - I had some much harsher words chosen but decided to tone it down.

I feel ILL when I hear crap like this:

It was her own fault she was RAPED (and in this case MURDERED) because she was walking alone wearing revealing clothing.
This statement is ignorant but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that it implies she DESERVED THIS. She got what she asked for. Women who dress a certain way are advertising that they want to be raped and/or murdered or both.

O'Reilly said:

She was 5-foot-2, 105 pounds, wearing a miniskirt and a halter top with a bare midriff. Now, again, there you go. So every predator in the world is gonna pick that up at two in the morning.

full story here

No, it is not a wise choice to be walking alone at night - for men or women in any type of clothing. But we ALL make poor judgements. Yes, this girl was drunk - Mr. O'Reilly, when you were 18 did you ever get drunk and make a bad decision? Do you think you deserved to be raped and murdered because of it?

I am too pissed off to say anything else. I think this is why rapists are walking around the streets - because people like Bill O'Reilly sit on a frigging jury and decide the victim in guilty for wearing a short skirt and a halter top.

I wonder how he'd feel if she was his daughter? Because she was somebodies daughter and now she's dead.
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Jarred said...

Leave it to Bill O'Reilly to say something so stupid and offensive.

Mike said...

Bill O'Rilley is an unbeleivable ass Hole.

Mainstream Society said...

well i do believe that it is her fault. if you are gonna do that then you are really just inviting this kind of thing to happen. Personally i think she is an idiot but the rapist was wrong regardless

Bar L. said...

Mainstream, God help us all if you truly are an example of mainstream society.

It was her fault she was raped and murdered because of how she dressed? Do you think every girl/woman who chooses to dress that way is inviting rape and murder?

You scare me. I am guessing you are a male, but I suppose there are women that would think this way too.

Mainstream Society said...

Come on.... Are you serious? you actually believe that dressing in such a manner has no bearing on how society treats you. If i walked into an establishment with an armani suit i would get the royal treatment but if i did the same with a torn jeans, dirty sleeveless and no shoes i would get the swift boot. I am male but am not about to sweeten the truth even if people dont want to hear it.

Bar L. said...

OF COURSE HOW WE DRESS HAS A BEARING ON HOW SOCIETY TREATS US! But does dressing in a "sleazy" outfit warrant being treated to rape and murder?

I warn young women all the time that the way they dress says a lot about them (same for men).

You said it was her FAULT she was raped and murdered. I disagree. It was not her fault. I know what you're getting at here, but I can't back down because you make it sound as if she deserved it and I can't believe anyone would really believe that.

People make poor choices all the time for many reasons, and sometimes those choices cost them their lives, but that does not mean it was their own fault they were killed. It was the fault of the murderer rapist who thought it was OKAY to murder and rape.

Mainstream Society said...

i dont believe that the murderer rapist was justified but i do believe that it was her fault it happened as she brought it upon herself. She didnt deserve it because no one deserves such a thing to happen to them but she didnt do an awful lot to ensure that it didnt happen

Daelda said... are saying that if a person withdraws cash from an ATM late at night, and doesn't keep a very careful watch for who is around, then it is their fault if they are robbed and murdered?

If someone loses their life savings to a con-man or "get-rich-quick scheme", it is their fault for not being smarter about their finances and falling for scams?

If a store places objects in the window display in order to attract customers, it is the store's fault if someone robs them in the middle of the night?

Nothing the victim does makes it *their fault* for being raped or murdered. I don't care if they were walking down the street drunk, naked and beautiful. The reason is that while the victim may make him or herself more or less obviously a potential victim - the final decision to commit the crime lies *entirely* with the criminal.

If the potential victim were doing whatever they were doing, but the criminal was not present, the crime would not take place. Therefore, how is the victim at fault? It is only when you add the criminal to the circumstance that the crime ever takes place.

I know someone who has never locked their doors on their house in 40 years - but they have never been burglarized. They live in a city of over 200,000 people. They are an easy target for a burglar. So why have they never been burglarized? Simply because no burglar has bothered to burglarize the house. The criminal has not been a part of the equation. Without the burglar, there is no burglary. Thus, the crime can't be the victim's fault. It completely, 100% rests on the premise of the criminal actually being willing to commit the crime.

I am not saying that there are not things people do to make themselves more vulnerable and more likely as a target to crime. They do. Like leaving their doors unlocked. I'm simply saying that the act of doing so does not, in any way, mitigate the responsibility the criminal has for the crime.

Candace said...

Well worded, Daelda.

Mainsteam- your opinion sickens me. said...

It doesn't surprise me that mainstream is blaming the victim. This is not a new concept in the world we live in. People blame kidnapped victims all the time for not 'getting away'.

Yahoo news had an article on Jaycee Dugard suing the government. In the comments section you will see NUMEROUS people blaming her for not getting out sooner. People blaming the parents for letting an 11 yr old walk to the bus stop (while step dad was near) alone. People blaming everyone but the monsters who stole her and her childhood.
This is not a new concept.

Any man, woman or child should be able to walk down ANY street NAKED and not fear being raped or murdered. What ANYONE wears should have NO baring on what someone else does to them. The one and ONLY guilty person is the person who raped and killed her!!

Bar L. said...

Many, I agree completely. Its just mind boggling to me how anyone would want to blame a victim. And in the case of Jacee - WTF? I certainly hope if she reads any comments by these lunatics that she realizes their opinions are based in ignorance and meanness.