Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Greg Haidl Verdict Still: GUILTY

Thankfully the judge's in this appeal made the right decision.  I don't think my blood pressure could have handled it if they would have let these monsters walk away.

The defense in this case tried the classic move:  blaming the victim.  They wanted to discredit the victim by using her prior sexual activity in  in order to obtain a not guilty verdict for these three sadistic rapists.  I wonder if they would make the same argument if "Jane Doe" was their own daughter.  I think not.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Police Officer Accused of Rape

James Roberts III

Its extremely disturbing when someone in a "trusted role of authority" commits a crime.  It is abhorrent when the crime is rape and the alleged rapist is a POLICE OFFICER.  The victims are his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend who both filed charges with the Huntington Beach Police Department.  The charges were IGNORED and no action against this guy was taken!  Did they think their reputation would be harmed?  Well now it is for sure. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tears for Amber DuBois

They found her remains today.  My heart hurts for her family.  That scumbag that killed Chelsea King probably did this too.  Its not a coincidence that they intensified their search efforts after Chelea's rape/murder (see below).  Look at this girl.  Her skeletal remains is all that's left for her parents to bury.  At least they have closure.  Whoever did this deserves to suffer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chelsea King

Jane Valez-Mitchell uses the term "The War on Women" to describe the epidemic of murders and rapes that occur in the United States.

I have tried to write about this case several times but my emotions are too raw.  This is the cleaned up version of what I am trying to say.  Rest in peace, Chelsea.  (I've seen her parents on TV, they are in such an obvious state of shock it hurts to look at them knowing sooner or later...its going to hit hard.)

This is a murder/rape that was 100% preventable.  I want justice.  I want laws to change.  I want the judge and probation officer responsible for letting a sexual predator roam the streets for prey to pay for their asinine, deathly, cowardly, stupid fucking decision.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Men Are Also Victims of Rape

Its certainly not as common, but it happens.  This article is about a murder trial that is in process. The accused also raped a male last year.  All the while he was under probation rather than behind bars where he belonged.

This is the perfect example that there is something wrong with our justice system.  The jails are full on non-violent drug offenders and this creep is running loose, able to murder and rape.