Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Psychology of Rape

This is an interesting article on the reasons behind rape and the types of men who commit rapes.

When I was in training we were taught that rape had nothing to do with sex - and everything to do with violence.  I found that to be a very profound statement, but not all inclusive.  I've always believed that some rapes were motivated by some sort of perverse sexual need.  Of course these are no more justified than any type of rape, all of it is immoral and illegal.

What I found most disturbing in the article were the statisics:

 A recent study of 1,600 juvenile sexual assault offenders found:
  • Just 33 percent of these boys perceived sex as a way to demonstrate love or caring;
  • 23.5 percent believed that sex was a way to establish power and control;
  • 9.4 percent found sex to be a good way to dissipate anger;
  • 8.4 percent believed sex to be a way to punish others.
In a study of college men, 35 percent admitted they would violently rape a woman who had rejected a prior advance if they were assured of getting away with it. Many men and women believe a woman deserved rape if she was intoxicated, led the man on, or invited him into her bedroom. In a 2003 study, men who were highly competitive and win-oriented reported more sexual aggression and held beliefs that supported rape. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

18 Men Rape 11 Year Old Girl

This story is one of the most horrifying I've heard in a long time and what makes it even more sickening is the fact that some are blaming the little girl!

Demetria Lucas has written an excellent article on about this, you can read it here.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pastor guilty of molesting 14-year-old

SANTA ANA – A jury Monday found a San Clemente church pastor guilty of molesting a 14-year-old girl and sending her sexual e-mails.

Ricardo Avalos Maffey, 44, was convicted of five felony charges of lewd conduct with a child and one felony count of contacting a minor with intent to molest.

Ricardo Avalos Maffey

Maffey, a pastor at the Apostolic Christian Church in San Clemente, faces up to six years in prison for kissing and touching the girl on several occasions and sending sexually provocative e-mails to her between May and August 2008 at his sentencing on April 15.

"I am very happy for the victim and her family," Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walker said after the decision by a jury of four women and eight men in Orange County Superior Court. It took the panel about 4½ hours to reach a verdict.

The pastor, who was a "quasi-father figure" to the girl, working closely with her in his office and spending time with her and her siblings at his home, became infatuated with her and was progressing toward a sexual relationship when her mother found out about it, Walker had told jurors.

"This case is about a violation of trust and a violation of the law," she said in her opening statement

Maffey, who works for the city of Santa Ana and had been out on bail since his arrest, was taken into custody after Judge Thomas N. Goethals listened to arguments from both sides as he weighed whether to release Maffey until sentencing.

Read story here.