Saturday, October 31, 2009

Excellent article from Maylasia

I ran across this article and nodded my head in agreement at every word.  Its very sad to know that the same issues plague rape victims internationally.

Please check out the article here:  Myths about rape and rape survivors.

In addition to the reasons she states in the article (see below in pink for the most important part of the article), I have a few of my own to add.

Many victims, especially younger ones, somehow take on blame for the rape.  As crazy at that sounds, its not uncommon for a girl to think "what did I do to make him rape me?"  This happens often in date or aquaintence rape.  Of course this is completely wrong thinking, but a traumatized young woman is not necessarily able to form rational thoughts and has probably been exposed to those exact accusations in some form or another (movie, book, lame commentators on talk shows).

All my life I have heard this type of sexist, misconstrued reasoning.  Its irresponsible and dangerous.  I can't comprehend how anyone can think that way, but apparently there are still a lot of  ignorant, unsympathetic, cruel-minded people that have a negative view of women in general.  Here is a prime example:  Bill O'Reilly.

First of all, the notion that a woman dressed in sexy clothes "asks for it" is ludicrous because rape has nothing to do with sex - its about control and violence and power.  When a woman says no, I don't care if she's a prostitute or a nun, she has a right to say NO, and if the man violates that right a crime has been committed.  That's the LAW.

Unfortunately for women everywhere,  the law is often not held up, an unfair trial finds the victim at fault instead of the attacker** because so many people still don't understand rape and sexual assault.  Often in court the victim is made to feel completely humiliated and disgraced.  The defense attorney will bring up things that have nothing to do with the crime committed and/or make her re-live the rape in horrifying detail in front of a room full of people (often including her family and friends and reporters).  NO WONDER SO MANY WOMEN WANT TO KEEP QUIET!

Some people still believe that a woman who dresses provocatively or puts herself in dangerous situations  deserves what's coming to her or is "asking for it".  Its hard to believe anyone would think that, you might be shocked by the number of people with that mindset. 

This is what I'd like to say to Bill O'Reilly about the remarks he made about a woman who was RAPED and MURDERED:

How would you feel if that woman were your daughter, sister, wife, mother, girlfriend?  How would you like that, Bill? 

There are many reasons why a woman chooses to delay reporting, including being incapacitated by the ordeal and not wanting to recount the trauma to medical officers, the police, etc, the fear of retribution by the perpetrator, the stigma of being a rape victim, the loss of privacy, and many more. The delay in reporting does not mean that a rape did not occur.
However, courts often infer the latter, as in this particular case as the judge’s statement would indicate.
In fact, the survivor had cited fear of tarnishing her family’s reputation as a reason for not reporting, which the judge found “unacceptable”.
Second, the judge stated that the lack of bruising or scratches on her body further damaged her credibility. Again, it is a myth that all rape victims must suffer from external injuries. In reality, the circumstances of rape are incredibly varied. Rapists can scare survivors into compliance through use of weapons or threats, or survivors have been so terrified as to completely freeze during the rape which would result in lack of visible injuries. In any case, the length of time between the rape and the reporting often results in these injuries healing.

**One of the most horrific cases I am aware of occurred here in my area.  Its known as "The Haidl Case" because the name of the main defendant was Greg Haidl.  His daddy just happened to be a big shot official in our local government.  Greg and his buddies gang raped an unconscious girl on a pool table.  The details are hard to talk about but they can be found on-line or in another post  on my blog if you want to be disgusted and appalled.

Here's the thing:  the first jury was unable to come to a verdict!  HELLO!?  They assumed the unconscious girl was having a great time being brutally attacked because she had previously had consensual sex with one of them and was bragging that she someday wanted to be a porn star.  So that made it okay for them to stick all sorts of foreign objects inside her body as she lay unconscious?  That's the conclusion the jury came to.  EVEN THOUGH the entire incident was FILMED and the jury was shown the recording!

THANKFULLY there was some sort of mistrial and upon the second trial they were found GUILTY.  But guess what?  Greg has already been let out and has already committed other sexual crimes.

UPDATE:  THEY ARE ASKING TO HAVE THE LABEL "SEX OFFENDER" LIFTED FROM THEIR RECORDS??????   If they allow that I am going to have a fit.  Gee, Greg, you should have thought about that while you were sticking a pool cue and lit cigarettes and Snapple bottles inside that girl.....FYI Greg and friends, most young men do not behave this way.  You are a convicted sex offender and the women out there deserve to be warned about you. 

I will be following this closely to see what the verdict is.  I will be protesting if they drop the label.  They already let these scumbags out of jail early for good behavior so who knows what they are doing since they obviously think they are ABOVE the law and ENTITLED to special treatment that your average sex offender does not get (unless his daddy is also a rich and powerful political type).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gang Rape of 15 year old at High School - Bystanders Watch

This makes me ill.  Literally, I feel sick.
Bystanders where cheering on as this girl was brutally attacked for over two hours.

Her life will never be the same.  

WARNING:  This article is disturbing.

Two suspects were arrested and third is being questioned in the gang rape of a California teen outside a high school homecoming dance, police said Tuesday.
The 15-year-old Richmond High School student hospitalized in stable condition after the attack, which happened while as many as 15 people, all males, looked on but didn't help or call police, investigators said.
The sex assault took place on school grounds Saturday while the dance was under way inside the school, authorities said.
"She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other's presence," said Richmond police Lt. Mark Gagan.
"What makes it even more disturbing is the presence of others," Gagan said. "People came by, saw what was happening and failed to report it."
Manuel Ortega, 19, a former student at the school, was arrested soon after he ran from the scene. He faces charges of rape, robbery and kidnapping, and was held on $800,000 bail.
A 15-year-old was also arrested and charged with one count of felony sexual assault. A third teenager was being questioned, police said.
"Based on witness statements and suspect statements, and also physical evidence, we know that she was raped by at least four suspects committing multiple sex acts," Gagan said.
"As people announced over time that this was going on, more people came to see, and some actually participated," Gagan said.
Police said a "full-court press" was under way, including reviews of Facebook and YouTube, to find other attackers and bystanders who witnessed the rape.
"We're looking in particular to see if anyone posted any video of the incident," Gagan said.
Several other individuals were detained but not arrested, Simon said.
The victim was found unconscious under a bench shortly before midnight Saturday after police received a call from someone who overheard people "reminiscing about the incident," Gagan said.
Police said the girl left the dance and was walking to meet her father for a ride home when a classmate invited her to join a group drinking in the courtyard.
"Right now, we're looking at toxicology reports to determine her blood-alcohol content and to determine if she was drugged."
"This just gets worse and worse the more you dig into it," Gagan told CNN. "It was like a horror movie after looking at the evidence. I can't believe not one person felt compelled to help her."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Substitute Teacher Arrested in Anaheim

Marc Silberman

Well this is an interesting mug shot...maybe he's really short.   Sharing story after story like this is very depressing, but a comment left today spurs me on.  This blog does have value and as ugly as it is to know how many predators lurk in Orange County, CA, we need to know.

"The victim, who is under 18, told police she met Silberman on Thursday when he was substitute teaching at Savanna High School in Anaheim, Martinez said. The victim told police that Silberman had "sexual contact" with her.
Silberman is being held at the Anaheim Detention Facility on suspicion of sexual penetration with a foreign object and child annoyance, Martinez said. Silberman is expected to appear in court for an arraignment hearing later this week"
 The entire article can be found here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Female teacher accused of sex with student, vandalizing his car

Naomi Perez, Saddleback High School

The full article was here.  I doubt she will get much jail time but its a reminder that female teachers are also capable of  this type of behavior with students.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Teacher Arrested for Sexual Assault

Christopher John Ontiveros

Teacher at top Orange County high school arrested in sexual assault case
Oxford Academy teacher accused of wrongful contact with student.  Read story here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recent Headlines from my Local Newspaper, The Orange County Register

17 year old girl raped in Santa Ana apartment complex.

Man accused of raping two women he met at bus stop.

Man charged of raping three prostitutes.

Woman sexually assaulted after accepting ride.

Woman reports she was kidnapped and raped by group of men.

These incidents have all occurred in the last few weeks. 

Predators Abound

Somer Thompson, age 7

I am ill as I listen to the news about yet again, another young girl abducted and most likely found dead. 

My questions for whoever the hell is in charge of making laws out there:


I have sat in court for enough hours to see that MANY, MANY non-violent offenders are arrested and put in jail for MINOR infractions while murderers, rapists and other predators run around free killing and assaulting women and children.



I'm sorry.  I'm just really upset right now.  Actually, I'm not sorry, I'm pissed off and sick over it.

story on Somer here.

P.S.  Have you checked your local website for Registered Sex Offenders in your area?  Somer's neighborhood was littered with them....there is also something very wrong when we allow so many predators to conglomerate in one area, it puts our children at risk!  Who's in charge of this stuff?  I want some answers on this.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Think Your Kids are Safe at Youth Group

Youth leader admits to sex with teen girl in church parking lot

A 21-year-old Fullerton man is to be sentenced next month.

The Orange County Register

A 21-year-old youth group leader at a Cypress church pleaded guilty Thursday to having sex with a 15-year-old girl in the church's parking lot.
Timothy Han, of Fullerton, is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 12.

Han pleaded guilty to felony unlawful sexual intercourse and a misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Prosecutors said last month that Han took the 15-year-old girl to the Miracle Land Baptist Church parking lot, where he smoked marijuana and had sex with her.

Father Solicits Teen Daughter for Sex on Facebook

This level of deprivation is hard to comprehend.  A father is suppose to protect his children, not be the evil they need to be protected from.  Story here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Can't Trust ANYONE (so it seems)

Grandfather pleads guilty to molesting two young girls.

Victims included a 7-year-old girl who came to defendant's house in Orange to play.

The Orange County Register
SANTA ANA – An Orange grandfather who watched neighborhood children after school until their parents came home from work pleaded guilty today to molesting two girls younger than 7.
Octavio Reyes Cortez, 59, a landscaper, will be sentenced by Superior Court Judge Frank F. Fasel on Friday to 18 years in prison for six felony counts of lewd conduct on a minor.
Deputy District Attorney Mark Birney said the molestations date back to 1995, and the victims included a 7-year-old girl who came to Cortez' home to play with Barbie dolls with his granddaughter.
Cortez also admitted to repeated acts of molestation on a girl who was younger than 6 between 1995 and 1997.

Lock Him Up Before His Behavior Escalates!

Tach Van Truong
Man Accused of Masturbation in Front of Toddler

"The behavior is so strange and deviant, it is possible there may be other victims," said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Sheriff's Department."

Let's hope not, but there probably are :(