Sunday, July 12, 2020

Update 2020

It's been years since I wrote here.  This blog was a very special place to me and others for many years.   Due to life changes my focus changed from providing this blog as a safe place for women and men to talk about their experiences with sexual abuse and rape to writing about my son's heroin addiction.

If I die tomorrow I will feel that I did make a difference in at least two lives.  Two women I met here who remain closed to me still.  It was an honor to gain their trust and to walk with them through the pain, humiliation and trauma of sexual abuse/rape. 

I'm so grateful for the #MeToo movement.  I hope that some day I can once again use my training as a Sexual Assault  Victim Advocate, it's a passion and I miss connecting with others who have been affected by this type of assault. 

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