Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reporting Rape

Excellent analogy!  This is why so many women don't bother reporting rape, because they know this is how they will be looked at by the police.  And those who are brave enough to file a report have to stand up to this kind of judgement in court.  When will it ever change?


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

That's it exactly.

Bar L. said...

Mike, I'm glad you see the point that is being made here. I got this from a site that had tons of comments arguing about whether or not it was a good analogy, they didn't seem too interested in what it said, only in if it was said correctly. I GET IT! This is why I did not report my second rape when I was was an underage teen with a fake ID out drinking in a bar (the guy asked me out to his VAN to smoke pot, and that's when it happened). Anyhow I carried the blame for that for years telling myself it was my own damn fault even though he forced me, I fought with him, and he left me on the side of a road after he was done with me. It wasn't well into my adulthood that I was able to look at it objectively and see the truth. But, if I would have reported it back then - do you think the cops would have taken me seriously? I'll never know.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Yep, circumstance is important, and it's hard to tell, but circumstances don't matter if the survivor said "no".

I always say "Even if the most gorgeous girl in the world is naked in front of you, it doesn't matter, she still has to consent."